Rome is the capital of Italia and located in the central Lazio region. It is also the largest and most populous city in the country, with a population of 2.9 million. A major national and international centre for higher education, Rome hosts a large number of universities and colleges, many of which are renowned in the areas of political sciences and industrial design.

With more than 2,500 years of history, it is no wonder Rome is regarded as “the Eternal city”. The historic city centre and the Holy See constitute one of 50 Italian UNESCO World Heritage sites, celebrating ancient architectural delights and making Rome the 11th most visited city in the world. Though featuring many famous monuments, including the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain, museums dedicated to Renaissance, and a fine collection of classical sculptures, Rome is also an international centre of contemporary art.

Studying in an ancient city, students in Rome however enjoy a vibrant night life as there are a variety of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and cinemas. One of the most interesting and popular venues is Campo de Fiori,which is an open market at daytime and by night turns into a melting pot for students, tourists and young professionals.

Rome is an ideal place to discover Italian cuisine. Rome’s most famous dishes are Spaghetti all’ Amatricana, fiori di zucaaandSaltimbocca alla Romana. They feature finest Italian ingredients including courgette flowers, Pecorino cheese and scallops, prosciutto and wine.

Rome is home to the Italian government, Vatican City and the Constitutional Court. Many international organisations such as Fox International, Sky Italia and FAO have offices in Rome. This studying in Rome is a huge advantage if you are to start a career in politics and international policies.

Rome is conveniently located in the centre of Italy and well connected with other big cities in around the country. Termini Station and Roma Tiburtina Station are the two main train stations in the city, and you can get from Rome to Florence in less than 2 hours by train.

The flight time from London to Rome or London to Pisa is around 2 hours and a half.

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