The decision to study abroad is a big one and should not be taken lightly. Every year more British students are weighing up their options and deciding that studying abroad is the right choice for them. From universities in the United States and Australia to China and Japan, the number of Brits travelling for some or all of their higher education is increasing.

If you are interested in studying abroad we hope that this site will give you some guidance when you start your search. We cannot possibly offer you comprehensive guidance to every university around the world but we hope that this site gives you some clear advice on studying abroad.

There are many reasons why you might consider studying abroad, one of which might be financial. However, we don’t believe you should go abroad just to save money and there are lots of other reasons why studying abroad is a good idea. It is also worth bearing in mind that even though a degree abroad may be significantly cheaper than an equivalent qualification in the UK, you will possibly have to pay out more money up front than if you were to study at home.

There are now over 3,200 undergraduate degrees taught entirely in English in Europe (not including Ireland and United Kingdom). These degrees offer you a wide range of alternatives to the education available in this country. You can search this site for more information on these courses.

Studying abroad is a big decision to take. We hope that this website will answer a lot of your general questions but if there is anything specific you would like to ask us, please send us an email.

About A Star Future

A Star Future provides information and guidance to British students looking to pursue their undergraduate studies abroad.

Through our presentations in schools and our websites we aim to ensure that British-educated students are well informed about their choices.