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"If you want to experience something completely different, fresh, interactive, practical and enjoyable then come here for sure. The city is fantastic place to study as the population is next to a third of students which provides great nightlife."

Lewis Millican

Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (Hanze UAS), is the largest university of applied sciences in the northern Netherlands. In addition, we were the first university of applied sciences to found an international business school in the Netherlands. Moreover, we are the only large higher education institute in the country with an arts academy and a conservatoire. But why would you choose to study at Hanze UAS? Why not for example stay in the UK or study at a research university in the Netherlands. Below you can read exactly why studying at Hanze UAS is the right pick for you.

The Netherlands - top education destination

As Hanze UAS is located in the Netherlands, by choosing us you will be studying in a country known for high quality education and research, as well as a highly international study environment. This is why you should get excited:

Value for money

Dutch higher education is well-recognized and often English-taught, while tuition fees and cost of living is lower than in e.g. English-speaking countries.

Safe and happy

It could be due to the canals, the abundance of beautiful architecture, or maybe even all those bicycles, but the Netherlands is ranked as one of the safest and happiest countries in the world, making it a secure and fun study destination for you.

Gateway to Europe

Ready to explore cultural hubs such as Berlin or Paris? Good news: they are right around the corner. Do you have professional ambitions in Europe? The Netherlands´ prominent economic position within the EU will surely open doors for you.

Hanze international students try Dutch breakfast

At Hanze we are proud of our growing international student community. In November 2018, we organised the International Student Week with multiple cultural activities. Each day of the week, an international student shared their story on our website and social media channels.

The highlight of the event was the Dutch Breakfast for International Students. More than 100 students from 25 different countries gathered to make friends and explore new cultures. The breakfast included sandwiches with peanut butter, chocolate sprinkles, marmalade and authentic Dutch cheese.

University of applied science - learning by doing

"Even in the first year, we have had the opportunity to work with clients on real projects which I feel is something which makes my course stand out. This provides valuable experience in the industry and gives a taste of what a future career in communications might look like."

Zoe Parsons

We are a university of applied sciences. In other words, an institution of higher education offering profession-oriented study programmes. Here are some highlights of our educational philosophy.

Apply what you learn

From day one, you will get the chance to apply the knowledge gained from your lectures in assignments and projects. You will be learning by doing, always accompanied by the right amount of theoretical background.

Graduate with work experience

All students must do a work placement, as well as a graduation internship during their studies. As a result, you will have actual work experience on your CV upon graduation. Which employer wouldn´t like that?

Hanze UAS

So, you would like to study in the Netherlands, and the applied sciences approach to higher education suits you well? If that´s the case, then here's why Hanze UAS is the best option for you:

Share your talent. Move the World

As a student at Hanze UAS you will get the opportunity to make an impact, especially in the areas of energy and health. You don't need to wait until graduation, you can already help improve our world while studying

Best student city

Groningen was voted the Netherlands' best student city in 2015 & 2016 (Elsevier). The fact that over a quarter of all inhabitants are students, its nightlife never sleeps and the presence of excellent and affordable sports, cultural and educational facilities are some of the main reasons why.

Excellence and innovation

Want to learn even more? Our honours college offers ambitious students extra courses and extra opportunities to collaborate with students from other programmes. These interdisciplinary projects are breeding grounds for innovation.

Start-up hub

Entrepreneurship is a focus area of Hanze UAS. This means that you will be taught and encouraged to start your own business, if you want, during your studies. We were ranked fifth worldwide in terms of the number of graduate companies in 2017 (U-Multirank).

Quick facts about Hanze UAS

  • In the academic year 2018/2019, Hanze UAS welcomed 29,087 students, of whom 2,433 were international. The university's student population consists of over 80 different nationalities.
  • Hanze UAS offers around 50 exchange programmes to students every year.

Other courses at Hanze University of Applied Sciences

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