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There are more British students in Bulgaria than there are Bulgarian students in the United Kingdom.

This is a unique situation that has two causes. Brexit has seen the number of Bulgarians studying in the UK drop to around 3,700 in 2021/22 but perhaps more importantly for British students, there are several options for students of medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine.

There are currently around 5,000 British students at Bulgarian universities, making them the single biggest group of international students ahead of Greeks and Germans. It is unlikely that a significant number of international students will be studying anything other than medicine or dentistry. Because these degrees take a minimum of six years to complete, we would estimate that up to 800 students per year choose one of the six medical schools, three dental schools and two veterinary schools. The exact number is hard to estimate because some students will take longer than six years to graduate and others will drop out midway through their studies. However, it is inarguable that there are more British medical and dental students in Bulgaria than in any other country (vets are more widely dispersed).

There are of course opportunities to study other subjects in English and many of these are listed in the course directory.

For further details about entry requirements and admissions to Bulgarian medical and dental schools, we would refer you to the specific medicine and dentistry pages of our site.

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