Estonia has a limited range of undergraduate degrees offered in English at this time. These can be found in all types of institutions from traditional research universities to private vocational colleges. Fees are charged at all universities but are very modest by UK standards, usually around €3,000. The exceptions are medicine and veterinary medicine which will be closer to €10,000 a year.

Estonian universities are very welcoming to international students and students who attend one of the universities there are typically very positive about their experiences.

We have been able to identify around 25 Bachelor’s degrees taught in English in Estonia and these cover quite a wide range of subjects, from the liberal arts to veterinary medicine. While the country as a whole has an excellent reputation in the digital and start-up sectors, only a handful of the degrees on offer make specific reference to this.

The application process at Estonian universities is relatively straightforward. You can apply for up to 2 courses at up to 5 universities ie. a total of up to ten courses. It is unlikely you would be able to reach this limit without being able to study in Estonian. The deadline is usually 3rd May for EU nationals.

Universities in Estonia

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