Type of DegreeDoctor of Medicine (MD)

CostEUR 10,156toEUR 20,156



Cost non-EUEUR 20,156

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Humanitas University has provided medical education for over a decade as a partner of the University of Milan. Nowadays, it is the largest independent medical school in Italy, training over 1,200 students every year in a variety of disciplines, including medicine, nursing, physiotherapy.

Since 2010, Humanitas University has been offering a 6-year, international Medicine and Surgery programme. The language of instruction is English; medical students will interact with Italian patients in the teaching hospitals, so a working knowledge of Italian is required for clinical training, which will start from the third year. However, applicants are not expected to speak Italian from the outset of the programme. Language classes will be provided by the university during the course.

Humanitas University’s degrees are valid throughout the European Union according to the EU Directive 2005/36/EC. It is therefore recognised by the UK General Medical Council (GMC).


Key benefits

  • Integration of interdisciplinary modules with hands-on experience and simulation activities throughout your studies
  • Clinical practice takes place at the 75,000 sqm Humanitas Research Hospital, certified by Joint Commission International.
  • In addition, students benefit from training in world-class facilities, including the 15,000 sqm Research Centre and the 30,000 sqm University and Simulation Centre, among the most advanced in Europe.
  • Curriculum is enhanced by a student-centred approach with high tutor-to-student ratio and a variety of interactive teaching methods, such as problem-based learning, case studies, concept maps and simulated patients.
  • Focus on learning in close contact with patients, which is supported by a strong tutoring system.
  • Learn from some of the world’s most influential clinicians and scientists, including Nobel Prize winners.

Take a tour of Humanitas University's new campus!

Daniel Yiu, a British medical graduate, shares his exchange experience in Tanzania, where he went thanks to a travel grant offered by Humanitas University.


At Humanitas University, you will follow a varied and stimulating curriculum, designed to train well-rounded medical professional with strong awareness of cross-cultural issues relating to illness and healing.

The four main components of the programme are core courses, elective courses, clinical training and dissertation training. You are also encouraged to participate in seminars and conferences and research projects with the Faculty. This approach ensures you can fully integrate medical science and practice, as well as developing critical and autonomous reasoning.


Clinical training starts in the third year and accounts for 60 credits in total. During the training you will perform clinical activities under the supervision of a tutor, but with a considerable degree of autonomy.

Entry requirements

From 2020, Humanitas University has introduced its own entrance test. The HUMAT test consists of two parts: scientific thinking and academic literacy . A sample of the scientific thinking test is available online now and there will be one for academic literacy soon.  There are no exemptions from this test and there is no other way to gain a place at Humanitas.

To be eligible for the test, you must have a high school diploma obtained after at least 12 years of education. For British students this means you will need to have 3 GCE A’ Levels or the International Baccalaureate diploma to include Biology and Chemistry.

While there is some flexibility in the Italian entrance system and it is technically possible to apply with EEE at A level or a pass in the International Baccalaureate, we would not encourage applications from students with below BBB at A level or 32 on the International Baccalaureate. Such students tend to perform poorly on the entrance exam.

Students with BTECs and Access to Higher Education qualifications cannot apply. Students with passes in Scottish Highers/Advanced Highers or with a pass in the Irish Leaving Certificate are eligible to take the exam.

There is no interview requirement. Once you meet the minimum entry requirements mentioned above, your test score is the most important factor in deciding whether you get an offer. While extensive work experience is to be encouraged, it will not have an impact on your chances of being accepted.

Please contact us so that we can review your application and advise on your likelihood of success. We are as keen as you are to establish whether entry to Humanitas University is a viable option for you. Alternatively, you can go do directly to the university's website to start the application process. However, we are here to help and there is no charge for our services.

Application process

Applications for 2021 entry are now open, with 130 places reserved for British and other EU students and 50 places for non-EU students.

You will be able to take the Humanitas Test online in 2021. To sign up for the test, you will need to complete a three-step online procedure. Please contact us with your qualifications and we will review your application and provide further details of the application process.

There is a non-refundable test fee of €165 (payable by credit card or bank transfer). This is the only fee that you will have to pay, and we will advise you in advance if there are any reasons why you would not be successful in your application.

Here are the key dates for 2021 entry applicants:

  • HUMAT registration deadline: 3rd February 2021
  • Deadline to pay application fee: 3rd February 2021
  • Test date: 11th February 2021

Humanitas University periodically organises Medical School Preparation Week in Milan. This is an intensive preparation course to help you familiarise yourself with the HUMAT and improve your performance. It covers all the subjects in the test. The course costs €800, excluding accommodation (an extra €200 for a shared room on campus for six days). The 2021 preparation week will only be offered online. Please contact us for more information on how to sign up for the course.




About the HUMAT

Through its new admission test HUMAT, Humanitas University wants to identify talented students that independently from their diverse educational background possess abilities in scientific thinking, critical thinking and have a solid academic literacy.

The test seeks to select students with the potential for a successful career in medicine.

The new test does not therefore evaluate previous knowledge but a set of skills and abilities relevant to:

  • face the academic requirements of the degree course/course of study,
  • foster the emergence and progression of scientific reasoning
  • sustain meaningful and self-regulated learning
  • promote correct decision-making processes

The test consists of 60 questions, 30 in each part, and lasts 120 minutes. it is a multiple-choice test with four answers provided for each question.


Tuition fees

Tuition fees range from €10,156 to €20,156 per year depending on your family income. Merit scholarships of up to €10,000 are available. If you are interested in a merit scholarship you must mention this in your initial application. It is not possible to be considered for one after an offer has been made.

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