Type of DegreeDoctor of Medicine (MD)

Cost€10,000 per year




More Information-

Since 2017, the University of Rijeka has offered an integrated degree in medicine taught entirely in English. The Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1955 and it has an excellent reputation as one of Croatia's leading medical schools.

Through the integrated approach to medicine,  students acquire subject knowledge, skills and competencies for their future job activity, as well as the ability to think independently, use critical evaluation,  develop problem solving skills and  to deal with development and scientific work, while respecting the highest ethical standards. Apart from the quality of the educational process and the pleasant study environment, studying in Rijeka is really enjoyable for the various sports and social activities organized by the Students Organizations, as well as for the pleasant Mediterranean and Central European environment that Rijeka offers.

You can download the curriculum of the degree here.


Entry requirements

The entry requirements for British students are three A' levels at ABB minimum including biology and chemistry. Please contact us for details of Scottish qualifications, International Baccalaureate and Irish Leaving Certificate. Entry is not possible for students with BTECs or Access to HE qualifications.

If you already have a BSc you cannot currently apply for a transfer. However, it is possible you might be exempt from the entrance examination if you have covered enough natural sciences in your studies. This policy is subject to change.

There are 50 places available in each year.

Admission Process

The University of Rijeka has special admission arrangements for students who already have a relevant Bachelor's degree. While you will not be able to use these credits towards your studies in Croatia, it is possible that your degree might exempt you from the entrance exam. Please contact us to see if this might apply in your case as you cannot always assume that it will.

To apply to the university you need to supply full details of your academic background, your CV including any relevant work experience, a personal statement outlining your reasons for wishing to study medicine and an academic reference. You will also need to provide a copy of your passport and your birth certificate. You will need to send original documents or certified copies to Rijeka before your application can be processed.

Your school grades will be the first part of the selection process. Then, your English ability will be taken into consideration. The final, and most important, part of the selection process is the entrance exam. This tests your knowledge in biology, chemistry and maths/physics.

There is a fee of €200 to take the entrance exam.  In the week leading up to each exam, you can attend a preparation course at the university at a cost of €800. It is not compulsory to take this course. In future years, it will be possible to take the entrance exam in the UK, Germany and possibly other countries but for now, the test is only offered in Rijeka.

Successful students will be issued with an offer letter after the entrance exam. To accept your offer you will need to pay the first third of your tuition fees. It is also possible to pay the full amount at this time.

The academic year starts in late September/early October. Students will be required to enrol on 8th or 9th September 2020. In the intervening time period, the university has arranged intensive Croatian lessons to enable students to make a start on learning a new language.

How to Apply

All applications from the UK and Ireland are processed through A Star Future Ltd. This is at no additional cost to you. Please contact us for the application form and we will be happy to assess your chances of success.

Important Dates for 2020 applications

There will be three entrance exams in 2020. The first exam takes place on 3rd April 2020 and to be eligible for this you would need to complete your application by 13th March 2020. Successful candidates will receive notification on 1st April 2020.

The second exam will take place on 17th July (apply by 26th June). The final exam will be on 4th September (apply by 20th August) so it might be possible to apply after A' level results day if you are quick. Please bear in mind there will be progressively fewer places available at each exam so if you know you want to study in Rijeka, it makes sense to apply as soon as you are ready.

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