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About the course

How can we predict trends in the way people spend their free time? How can traditional leisure companies use social media more effectively to connect with their customers? What new business models and strategies are needed in an increasingly complex and dynamic leisure sector? These questions will be at the core of your studies at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Study programme

First year - Introduction to the core disciplines of leisure studies

In the first year, you will get a solid introduction to different branches of business and social science, as well as research methods, underlying the varied nature of the leisure field. In semester 1, the courses will focus on the consumer perspective, whereas in semester 2, the business side is more prominent. You will learn to apply your knowledge in several practical cases.

Second year - Deepen your knowledge

In the second year, you will strengthen your knowledge of the kinds of activities people choose in their leisure time, and how companies can organise those activities and profit from them.

In addition to theoretical lectures, practical seminars, debates and case studies, you will work on several projects for commissioners from the leisure field. In these projects, you will apply the research techniques and theoretical insight learnt in the various courses.

Third year - Broaden your horizon

In the 5th semester, you will choose a minor at another university in the Netherlands or abroad. In the 6th and final semester, you will apply everything you have learned by:

  • considering leisure activities across different cultures; studying fundamental philosophical questions about the relevance of leisure and the ethical questions it raises;
  • In the last semester, you write a thesis, in which you will investigate a complex leisure issue. Topics for the bachelor's theses can be connected to current research being conducted by members of staff.

  • investigating the contribution leisure can make to the development of urban space and city culture.

How to apply

You will need to have three A Levels to apply to Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Applicants with BTECs in relevant subjects will also be considered.

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