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You can find Breda in the South of Holland. It is a very sparkling and inspiring city. Form its 170,000 inhabitants, 13.500 are students, which makes it such a fun and easy to live place as a foreigner.

Moreover Breda is only 100 km from both Amsterdam and Brussels. And with the new speed train it takes you only 3 hours to get to Paris!

Breda used to be the major centre of the Dutch food and drink industry with many major processing plants located in the city. The decline of these activities has not led to an economic downturn. The city is now a major trading centre.

The city centre has some lovely old buildings like the Grote Kerk (protestant), a medieval Gothic church with a massive tower, the Town Hall, Sint Barbaras Church, the Beguinage, museums, and beautiful parks. The atmosphere is relaxed and it also makes an excellent base for exploring the area. For those who enjoy peace and quiet there are the extensive wood and fenland recreational reserves of the Biesbos, while the hustle and bustle of cities like Antwerp and Rotterdam is also within easy reach.

Breda is also famous for its football team NAC Breda, who regularly play at the highest level in Netherlands and Europe, as well as its annual Roodharigendag (Red Head Day), a festival celebrating natural red heads that takes place in September.

Furthermore Breda offers you many shopping facilities. You can find major Dutch and European brands in over 500 shops. Additionally to this, most of the items sold here are much cheaper than to other cities. In general life and living cost are less expensive compared to Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

Moreover Breda boasts a wonderful nightlife. It is full of great bars, restaurants, festivals, nightclubs and, of course, carnival, what makes it the perfect place for any student.

Above all it is very easy to travel to the Dutch city. Breda is located on the main railway line between Amsterdam and Brussels and is easily reached by Eurostar through the Channel Tunnel, or from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in about an hour. With the opening of its new central station in 2011, high speed trains will link Breda directly to many points in Europe including the UK.

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