International Public Management

SubjectBusiness, Social Sciences


Type of DegreeBBA

CostEUR 2,168

Cost non-EUEUR 8,375

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Do you dream of being one of the people who actually shape public policy? Ever thought you could do a better job of dealing with global issues than governments and international organisations? If you’ve got a head for solving international problems, and feel passionate about politics, then our Bachelor of International Public Management could be for you

The programme prepares you for a career as either a policy maker or manager in an organisation that deals with complex, international public issues – like global warming, trade, peace and security, or human rights, for example.

Can you see yourself working for government or international organisations, running a department or managing projects? Do you have a head for shaping public policy or solving international problems? It takes an analytical brain and self-discipline, balanced by strong social skills – engaging with people, motivating your team.

But you don’t necessarily need to work in the public sector. There are lots of businesses who need exactly the same knowledge and skills. Multinationals like KLM and Shell are also affected by public policy, and they need people need people with specialist knowledge, as well as solid management skills.

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