Global Management - Entrepreneurship and Business Administration

SubjectBusiness, Management


Type of DegreeBBA




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The bachelor in Entrepreneurship & Business Administration at SKEMA Bachelors with its five different majors will allow you to increase your career possibilities in a constantly changing world.

Courses deal with the analysis, methodology and knowledge necessary for a solid understanding of the world of business.

Teaching methods adopted both at SKEMA Bachelors and in our partner universities give students the opportunity to study real-life situations facing companies today and to make recommendations and propose development strategies.

The internationalisation of economies gives us new opportunities but also presents challenges to companies and other organisations. Knowledge of the international business environment, mastering of the practical and methodological skills of general management, and marketing within different cultures are essential for firms and individuals to succeed in global markets.

Entrepreneurship & Business Administration comprises two domains: decision-making and setting up an efficient organisation so that teams can reach their objectives. The specialised courses prepare future managers to deal with the quantitative and qualitative aspects of company life. The managers’ task is an almost scientific one when it comes to defining objectives in figures, improving performance, coordinating tasks or managing budgets. Qualitative aspects concern human relationships within teams and these courses give students an in-depth approach to the issues of recruitment, training and remuneration of collaborators. Universities propose general management courses which explore all the aspects mentioned above, they also focus on certain facets of management like entrepreneurship, giving students insights as to how to set up innovative projects and create companies. Other universities are known for their expertise in the areas of human resources, industrial operations or international management.

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