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Life sciences are currently undergoing rapid development at a time when organisations, governments and companies are converting to sustainable development models. Their role for the future has never been so important.

Environmental science deals with the interaction of human beings and their environment, developing solutions to challenges which emerge from the relationship. Environmental science is far more multi-disciplinary than biology, chemistry and mathematics and includes ecology, meteorology and oceanography. These are complemented by a group of applied courses devoted to specific techniques applied to the environment – geo-referential information systems, impact studies and natural risk analysis. After courses in theory, students go on to practise what they have learned by applying it to concrete cases and laboratory experiments. Students are able to offer their expertise to a large number of public and private sector organisations working on local or international projects. There are two distinct branches to the diploma: fundamental sciences or applied sciences.

Students who opt for fundamental sciences take a higher level of specialisation in biology, physics or another option such as geology, mathematics etc. They are likely to be more inclined towards employment related to research, modelling or studies where the human factor is central to environmental processes. Students who opt for applied sciences will receive further specialisation in an area of applied environmental science such as waste management, renewable energy, natural resources, planning, etc. This can lead to employment in environmental consultancy, audit and the sustainable development departments of companies or national and international organisations. The transfer system means that students may choose any of these options.

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