Health Science Foundation Year

SubjectDentistry, Physiotherapy


Type of DegreeEntry to first year of an undergraduate course

CostEUR 14,820



Cost non-EU

More Information-

The Health Science Foundation Year is designed to assist students who want to pursue a course in medicine, dentistry etc. but either don't have the grades to get a place in the first year or who have taken non-science subjects at high school.

The course consists of 60ECTS which is exactly the same as a standard year at university. These credits include intensive Spanish lessons, study skills and basic sciences. The science credits will be recognised on any UEM health science degree although it is unlikely you would be able to use them to transfer anywhere else. In effect, this means that half of the year counts towards a future degree in Madrid.

As the only health science degree taught in English in UEM is dentistry, this programme usually only makes sense forr students who want to study that subject. In theory, it is possible also to go on to a medicine degree (in Spanish) or physiotherapy (in French or Spanish). You will learn some Spanish as a compulsory part of the foundation year but not enough to be able to study in Spanish if you are starting from a low level of knowledge.

If you pass all the modules on the foundation year and you have an attendance rate of over 85%, you are guaranteed a place in first-year dentistry.

For further guidance please read a testimonial from a British student who has just completed the HSFY. Also, if you request further information we will get back to you with the brochure and full application details.

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