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Courses at the Hotel Management School Maastricht have a practical focus. We’ll help you to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable you to carry out practical assignments both inside and outside the school. First, you will apply what you have learned in our Teaching Hotel and later on in company-based practical and management internships. And you’ll gradually acquire the professional competence that will enable you to make a brilliant start to your career.

The assignments that you are set will become more challenging as the course progresses. And they will also be closer to ‘real life’. Which means that it won’t just be teachers assessing you but that also real clients are involved, i.e. people from the industry who have come to you or your project group with a question or problem.

The Hotel School also hosts a lot of guest lecturers – often alumni – who can give you an insight into the latest developments in their field. In the second phase of the course, you will be able to specialize, which will give your degree from the Hotel Management School Maastricht an entirely individual aspect.

Please check out Zuyd's website to see when the (international) open door days take place.

"Completing my management internship in Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem is an unforgettable and delightful memory.

The welcoming atmosphere and the openness of my colleagues give me a real sense of belonging. Furthermore, as a management intern, I am given so many responsibilities with the managerial and administrative tasks.

The absolute involvement in the annual budget processing with the hotel's management board helps me gain an excellent insight into the hospitality business on a higher level.

Ruoxi Sun from China

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