Willem de Kooning Academy

University typeUniversity of Applied Sciences

Based in Rotterdam Willem de Kooning Academy is a leading international academy for bachelor and master degrees in media, art, design and education. Within the main study routes of Fine Art and Design, you can choose one of the following majors: Fine Art, Photography, Advertising, Animation, Audiovisual Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Spatial Design, Lifestyle and Product Design.

Contemporary and cutting edge education

The Willem de Kooning Academy offers contemporary and cutting edge art courses that complement changing, international practice. The outside world is no longer looking for the autonomous artist or the graphic designer, but rather for people who possess a multitude of talents and skills and who look beyond the borders of their original discipline. These are ‘creating pioneers’. The speed and complexity of technological developments strongly influence contemporary and future professional practice. Our students will work both at local and at international levels with professionals from different disciplines in open and virtual settings.

Personal development

We create the setting in which you can develop and broaden your interests. You can choose different ways of working, the type of assignment that suits your style of learning and how to develop your talent. The whole learning process may be different for each individual student, but the degrees that you earn are equal. You will attend theory classes that are appropriate to your level at the time and you will be part of an elective programme. It is important that you do not only choose a particular study programme – let’s say Design – and a major – let’s say Advertising – but also a professional role and a professional context with a corresponding internship and a minor programme.

You can also enter an honours programme and/or complete your graduation specialisation by choosing an exchange programme at an academy or university abroad. This gives you the opportunity to adapt the academy’s education programme to your own preferences and to the development of your own talent.

Study career coaching

While a student at WdKA, a study career coach will monitor your progress and help you make your personal study choices. Your study career coach will help you prepare for your life as a professional. Together you will decide your choices and the course that your studies will take.

Rotterdams Onderwijs Model (ROM)

The Willem de Kooning Academy is one of the 14 institutes of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and works with the Rotterdams Onderwijs Model (ROM – Rotterdam education model). This model differentiates between knowledge-driven, practice-driven and student-driven educational activities cq. aims & goals.

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

The Willem de Kooning Academy and its Piet Zwart Institute are part of Rotterdam University of Apllied Sciences, which has around 30,000 students and 3,000 employees spread over 80 courses and twelve sites in the city. This seems massive, but as an academy student you'll primarily study at our Blaak and Wijnhaven buildings.

Rotterdam University of Appplied Sciences does, however, offer numerous interesting extras, such as the option to become acquainted with other fields of study and additional facilities for students who are also professional sportsmen.

Other courses at Willem de Kooning Academy

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