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Will my degree be recognised?

This is not really an issue with English Literature degrees. If you choose a good quality university then there should not be any problems relating to recognition.

Does it make sense to study English abroad?

At first glance it would seem illogical to study English abroad. Clearly it is possible to do so in English-speaking countries but even here it is worth bearing in mind that the curriculum might be completely different- for example, will a Canadian university have the same areas of expertise as a British one?

It is now possible to study English literature, language and culture at some European universities. However, in many cases it is necessary to speak the local language even though the course is taught in English. For example, at German universities you will definitely need some knowledge of the local language and in some cases you will also need to have studied Latin. In these European universities it is possible that many of the teaching staff will be native English speakers, often they are ex-UK university lecturers.

What grades do I need to get in?

For Irish universities such as Trinity College Dublin you will need to achieve excellent A level results. For universities in USA there is a wide range of universities and admission criteria. In Australia and New Zealand, “good” A levels will usually be necessary but it is likely you would gain admission to a well ranked university in those countries with slightly lower grades than those required in the UK.

What else should I bear in mind?

As mentioned above it is particularly important to check that the curriculum of the degree is suitable for you. It could be very different to the curriculum at a UK university.

Where should I look for English degrees abroad?

The University of Groningen and the University of Amsterdam both offer English literature undergraduate programme fully taught in English. Other options include private universities in Europe such as American University of Paris where you can study comparative literature. There are a number of universities in central Europe that might also be worthy of consideration.

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