Water Management

SubjectEnvironment, Science


Type of DegreeBSc

CostEUR 2,168


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This programme takes four years to complete.

Throughout the ages, many of the world’s deltas have developed into important trade and production centres with high population densities. The continued development of these deltas is facing many problems around the world, as a result of climate change, for example.

Increasing economic activities and rising sea levels are the number one challenge for delta managers. The shipping, fishing, and tourism industries, as well as new housing projects, all compete for vital space on the coast, which results in a tremendous pressure on the coastal environment.

You learn to consolidate the various interests by applying a holistic approach: the lectures deal with water, climate, ecology, environmental planning, laws and legislation, economic insights, communication, urban development, water safety and process management.

You are trained to become a professional, who looks beyond the technical field of work. For this purpose, you often carry out assignments together with students of other bachelor programmes, such as Civil Engineering, Aquatic Eco technology, Communication and Business Administration.

Read about British student Kieran Edwards' experience of studying the Delta Management degree.

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