Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment

SubjectEconomics, Arts


Type of DegreeMSc

CostApproximatelyEUR 14,000



Cost non-EUEUR 14,007

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This MSc programme relies on three main assets:

  • Bocconi’s international reputation for research and teaching in economics, management and law
  • Milan, with its economic vitality and vibrant creativity
  • and Italy, with its artistic and cultural tradition

These elements represent the ideal setting for preparing students to build an international career as managers or entrepreneurs in fields commonly referred to as the creative industries, including the visual arts, the performing arts, cinema, the media, publishing, entertainment, tourism, fashion, design and luxury. The programme aims to train entrepreneurs, managers (both in the private and public sectors) and professionals able to integrate the use of economic and management techniques and tools with the understanding of the specific dynamics and complexities of the creative industries.

Career Prospects

Graduates are typically offered career opportunities in the following specialised sectors: cultural heritage and the arts market; media (television, cinema, radio, traditional  publishing and multimedia, the music industry); communication; editing and media; live entertainment; tourism; fashion and design.  

Typical professional profiles within these sectors include the following:  

  • Entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, consultants in the fields of cultural heritage, communication, live entertainment, media and fashion  
  • Managers in communication, radio, television and cinema, publishing and new media, fashion, entertainment and live performance companies  
  • Managers at cultural, museums, archiving, archaeological and tourism foundations and institutions  
  • Consultants and experts in the evaluation and care of artistic and cultural heritage  
  • Program schedule managers in communication companies  
  • Royalty managers  
  • Internal and external communication managers  
  • Organisers of entertainment and festivals 
  • Experts on cultural tourism  
  • Experts on consortium activities (arts, culture, sport and communication)  
  • Planners and developers of theme parks

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