Liberal Arts and Humanities

SubjectHumanities, Arts


Type of DegreeBachelor

CostEUR 2,000


Cost non-EUEUR 2,000

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The graduate of the Liberal Arts and Humanities acquires knowledge in many disciplines of humanities (philosophy, sociology, psychology, history, anthropology and economics) and interdisciplinary, thorough practical knowledge of at least one foreign language, including the capability of professional translation, the ability of critical thinking and sophisticated speech and writing. Great emphasis is put, above all, on self-reliance and responsibility training and on individual creative work, which allows for further effective education and flexibility under the changing conditions on the labour market. The graduate acquires qualifications for a wide range of jobs, e. g. in the fields of state administration and self-government, non-profit organisations, education, research activities for various institutions or consulting in the multicultural sphere and humanities-oriented institutions.

The graduate with predominantly theoretical specialisation acquires not only a solid base in general humanities, but also expertise in any of the mentioned humanities disciplines, and thus is adequately prepared for master or post degree study in humanities. The graduate with predominantly applied skills specialisation may be employed in the fields of public relations, advertisement, media etc., as they acquire knowledge of creating research projects, text editing and preparation, information processing, creating company presentations etc.

To apply you must take a 3-hour exam in Prague.

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