Universita Bocconi to unveil 2018 summer school programme for high school students

From coding to entrepreneurship and fashion business, participants will spend two weeks learning two subject areas in-depth through a combination of classes and interactive projects.

In 2017, Universita Bocconi opened its door to high school students for the first time. 179 participants from 33 schools across 30 countries enrolled in an intensive three-week summer school programme at the institution's campus in Milan, learning about Italian culture and language and taking classes in eight subjects.

The second Summer's Cool for High School Students is set to build on the success of its debut last year when it returns this summer, from 2 to 13 July. Universita Bocconi is adding an array of lab courses to a lineup that already includes subjects ranging from entrepreneurship to game theory and fashion business.

Among the new offerings is computer coding. In 2016, Universita Bocconi launched the innovative bachelor's degree Economics, Management and Computer Science, which combines the teaching of economics, law and quantitative disciplines to enable learners to understand the development of the data driven economy. The two initiatives show the university's ambition to be among the pioneers in the higher education sector to prepare millennials for the unprecedent challenge facing them as they enter the job market: in morden companies and institutions, coding is blending up with every single field of operations.

Cutting-edge topics are not the only thing new on the agenda. There will be soft skills workshops, company visits and project presentations where participants can pitch their ideas to managers and entrepreneurs. "The strength of the Summer School is that it combines a theoretical part made up of classes, business cases and meetings with guest speakers, with different opportunities to experience the reality of business in person", explains Stefano Caselli, Dean for International Affairs at Universita Bocconi."All this surrounded by various activities in the city of Milan and in a highly multicultural environment".

The 2018 Summer's Cool for High School Students starts on 2 July for 210 students aged 16 to 18 and lasts for two weeks. Application closes on 3 May. If accepted, you will join two among the following ten "labs": Entrepreneurship, Digital marketing, International politics, Finance, Strategy, Economics, Computer coding, Luxury and fashion, Game theory, Economics of European Union. The reputable summer school is taught by the same academics who teach on the full-time undergraduate programmes, who impart the same information, at the same level of depth.

Information about the application process is available on Universita Bocconi's website.


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