Applying to Universita Bocconi in 2023

When: Wednesday, 15th June, 5:00pm UK time

This webinar is for anyone thinking of applying to Universita Bocconi in 2023. We will be joined by Elisa Raveglia from the Guidance and Recruitment Team as well as a current British student who will share here experiences of student life in Milan. The early application window opens next month and if you have students who are considering this as one of their options, please encourage them to attend. Sign up here.


Applying to medical, dental and veterinary schools abroad in 2023

When: Monday 20th June, 5:00pm UK time

We understand that the motivation for studying these subjects abroad is mostly due to the scarcity of places in the United Kingdom. At this stage, students in Year 12 are quite rightly focussed mainly on their domestic choices. However, we always advise students to make themselves aware of their options and the considerable challenges they will face if they choose to study these subjects abroad. We have thousands of conversations every year with students and parents who contact us for the first time after receiving rejections in the UK. This is often too late and students end up making rushed choices that are not well researched. In order to avoid this, we are hosting a webinar where we will share our advice on how to start the process of choosing a medical school abroad. Sign up here.

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A Star Future provides information and guidance to British students looking to pursue their undergraduate studies abroad.

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