Introducing the International HE Webinar Series


The ongoing lockdown of UK and international high schools doesn’t change that fact that students need advice, support and guidance in the same way as they do every year. With this in mind, because we cannot physically visit schools, we have developed our own series of webinars. In each of these sessions we will be joined by a representative of an international university and occasionally one of their British students.

With this in mind, our first three events will focus on:

  1. The Netherlands – Everything you need to know about going Dutch in 2021!

We will be joined by Naomi Eustace of University of Groningen on Wednesday 10th June and again on Tuesday 16th June, at 15:00 on both days.

These webinars will be of most use to those students who have already thought about applying in 2021 but will certainly be helpful to anyone who has already considered that this might be one of their options. Please click on the dates above to sign up to the event that is best for you.

2. Study in the USA – Sensible, affordable routes to US higher education

This is not the webinar for those wanting scholarships to the Ivy League. We are far more interested in helping those students who have a desire to study in the USA but also an awareness that there is more to that country’s higher education system than a handful of famous universities. Having said that, there is nothing to say that you might not end up there if you were to start on the pathway we outline in this webinar.

Jelle Draper, European Representative of Green River College, as well as one of their former international students, will discuss some of the ways in which you can take advantage of current global uncertainty to gain a US degree in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Join Jelle and me (Mark Huntington of A Star Future) on the webinar on Wednesday 17th June at 15:00. Places are limited and this one will reach capacity!

3. Study Dentistry in Spain

This webinar will discuss several of the English-taught options available for British students in Spain. In recent years we have been very successful in getting places for British students at Spanish dental schools and they are now graduating and returning to start their careers in the UK.

We fully appreciate that studying in Spain is often seen as a second-choice for those who cannot get places in the UK but that does not mean these are second-rate options, far from it. Also, it is just as necessary to do your homework when thinking about going abroad as it is when planning your UK choices. In order to make sure you have as much information as possible, this webinar will give you the chance to learn from A Star Future as well as Elisa Acquadro of Universidad Europea de Madrid. We are also hoping to be joined by a current student at Universidad Catolica de Valencia.

This webinar takes place on Thursday 18th June at 15:00.

About A Star Future

A Star Future provides information and guidance to British students looking to pursue their undergraduate studies abroad.

Through our presentations in schools and our websites we aim to ensure that British-educated students are well informed about their choices.