How to apply to European Universities?

In our presentations in schools we often gloss over the practicalities of applying to international universities. Not because they are irrelevant but they can be complicated and we wouldn’t want to put students off before they have even considered their options.

However, there is a time and place for such information and we have now collated much of our knowledge into one handy document. This can be download from our website here. The individual country pages on our website also include this information but the guide can give guidance professionals

Most European admissions systems are different from the UK and this can create some insecurity, particularly when dealing with an unfamiliar country. While entry requirements can seem strange at first glance, the actual process of applying usually includes the same elements as in the UCAS system but perhaps with different emphasis. Students will always have to supply personal details and their academic records but elements such as personal statements (motivation letters), references, relevant work experience, interviews and entrance exams vary in importance.

As long as you do not expect international application systems to function in exactly the same way as UCAS, we don’t believe there is anything that should frighten international applicants.

We hope that our guide will serve as a starting point but I cannot describe it as definitive. Every time we go through this with a new candidate, we learn something new ourselves.

Download the guide here.

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