Join A Star Future and speakers from Teesside University, Prague College and The Why Connection to learn more about the response of universities to Covid-19 and particularly how it might impact on student behaviour in September 2020 and beyond. This webinar is for all people advising high school leavers on their university choices.

(1) How does the Covid-19 pandemic affect choice and opportunity for studying on English-taught undergraduate programmes in Europe? In the UK? In the US?

(2) How will the 2020 academic year be taught and how to advise students given the wide range of possible health, travel and teaching implications?

(3) Understanding the risks and opportunities related to going abroad for university next year.

You can register for the webinar here.

About A Star Future

A Star Future provides information and guidance to British students looking to pursue their undergraduate studies abroad.

Through our presentations in schools and our websites we aim to ensure that British-educated students are well informed about their choices.