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Located in the warmest part of the Mediterranean, Split bathes in more than 2,700 hours of sunshine per year and is extremely attractive to both backpackers and holidaymakers. The town’s history dates back 1,700 years, when it was chosen by the Roman emperor Diocletian as the location for his resort palace. Nowadays, with a plethora of pebble beaches and cultural events, Split provides a perfect setting for tourism and hospitality courses. The University of Split also offers medicine and computer science degree programmes in English.

Though the second-largest city of Croatia, Split offers a relaxed coastal atmosphere, a sharp contrast to the urban feel found in Zagreb. Due to its reputation as an intraregional transport hub and popular tourist destination, the city has a higher average living cost than the capital. Most university students want to live in dormitories for the whole period of their courses despite the old facilities, as they are they offer the most affordable prices and safest locations. At the top-end is the newly built campus "dr. Franjo Tudman", where students pay around 800 kunas per month for a twin room and 100 kuna more for a single room. Rent at older campuses is cheaper. For example, a bed in a triple room at Bruno Busic costs just over 400 kuna per month. Rooms in university dormitories are often allocated to students with disadvantaged backgrounds or good academic records, so every year approximately a third of university students in Split have to look for alternative options, such as private accomodations and hostels. A one-bed room apartment in the city centre costs €400-600, but you can rent a room in a shared house for less. Most local hostels offer double rooms at the price of 600-700 kuna per month. In addition, you should budget a minimum of €300 per month for food, transportations and other expenses.

The nightlife in Split is vibrant both in and off-season. Open-air concerts, festivals, bars and restaurants, there is no shortage of outdoor activities in the city.

EasyJet, Norwegian Air International, Croatia Airlines operate direct flights from various London airports to Split Airport, also known as Resnik Airport. The price of a one-way ticket from London to Split ranges from £40 to £60, and the journey should take you no more than two and a half hours.

Split is a very walkable city. In fact, most of the town is pedestrian only. The public transport system in Split is limited to buses, but they run frequently from 5.00am to nearly midnight from Monday to Saturday.

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