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Course Information

Ocean Engineering

  • Subject: Engineering, Environment
  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Type of Degree: BSc
  • Cost: EUR 7,200

During the Bachelor in Technological Innovation and Management, students explore the different facets of the related professions.

While theory remains a solid part of the teaching, the main objective is to develop practical skills, in the form of projects and group work, applied to the different majors, while acquiring a truly international perspective.

Ocean Engineering trains naval construction engineers with specialisations in architecture, (coastal and offshore structures, shipbuilding) propulsion or materials. Our partner universities offer a double specialisation in aerospace and ocean engineering in four or five years. The course thus leads to competences necessary for hydrofoils engineering design, fundamentals of naval architecture, physical oceanography, summer marine field project, structural analysis and design, coastal engineering structures, hydroacoustics, ship design, port and harbour design…

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