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The Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy offers a multidisciplinary education to future pharmacists. It responds to society's demands and it is well integrated into the public health system. A good pharmaceutical professional can improve a patient's quality of life considerably, not only through pharmaceutical attention and monitoring but also in the areas of public health. Pharmacists play an important role in the rational use of medicines and the completion of treatments, as well as being important to achieving the sustainability of the National Health System.

Students in this programme complete work experience in the university’s laboratories from the first academic year, as well as in pharmacies, companies and hospitals.


UCAM is one of the best places to study Pharmacy since we have a pharmacy simulation room, in which you can improve your professional skills. Additionally, the Faculty of Pharmacy has designed a high-quality Study Plan. Our curriculum prepares you to become a reliable professional.

UCAM offers different training agreements with important corporations and research centres, as part of the training in Pharmacy. While studying Pharmacy in UCAM you will have a close involvement with the labour market.

One of the benefits of a degree in pharmacy is the great employment opportunities that it provides. The students at UCAM can work in different areas like pharmacies, in the pharmaceutical industry and in related areas such as pharmaceutical marketing, research, public or private health management and teaching.

How to apply

The minimum entry requirements for this programme are two A Levels with at least 140 UCAS points and five GCSEs.

Application is open from April to October every year.

Career opportunities

  • Apothecary
  • Industrial Pharmacy (in different areas)
  • Food Industry
  • Environmental
  • Clinical Analysis
  • Medicine and Drug Analysis
  • Public Health
  • Public Administration (Spanish and European Medical Agencies, Food Health Agencies, Environmental, CSIC (the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations), the National Institute of Toxicology, etc.)
  • Investigation
  • Teaching

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